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We're an ensemble of performing artists in Adelaide, South Australia who are living a with a disability.
Rachel shows off her photographs and awards on a table.

Who we are

True Ability is an ensemble of performing artists living with a disability in Adelaide, South Australia. We are an initiative of AJZ Productions, a not-for-profit arts organisation.

What we do

True Ability offers classes and workshops people living with a disability of all ages. We teach people how to create and perform in creative projects like theatre shows, films and interactive experiences. Our works are performed in public for a general audience.


Our mission is to create professional theatre pieces, films and advocacy for artists with a lived experience of disability in Adelaide, Australia.

We will have a standard of excellence in arts and accessibility and be an example for people around the world.


Alirio Zavarce
Alirio Zavarce
Artistic Director
Juliette Zavarce
Juliette Zavarce
Creative Producer
Kelly Vincent
Kelly Vincent
Creative Director


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